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Smallmouth Bass Fishing and Trout Fishing

West Virginia Guided Fishing Trips

Fishing Trips :: New River Fishing in West VirginiaMountain State Anglers Fishing Services offers unique fishing trips in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia. Whether you like battling with hard-fighting Smallmouth bass, outwitting wild mountain trout, or want to learn the art of fly fishing Mountain State Anglers Fishing Services will put you where the fish are.

The New River Gorge National River contains 53 miles of world-class smallmouth bass river fishing. This steep gorge can reach heights of up to 1,000 feet. Being one of the oldest rivers in the world the New River is filled with large sandstone boulders that offer great structure for smallmouth bass habitat. The combination of excellent structure,deep pools, swift currents and abundant stream life are the ingredients for the successful population of healthy smallmouth bass in the New River.

Fishing in West VirginiaWest Virginia's mountain streams are both picturesque and abundant with wild trout. Pocket water, short deep runs and large undercut boulders are some of the challenging water that you'll find on these beautiful streams. Most of the trout streams that flow into the New River support wild and native trout, click. These trout streams are the East's best kept secret.

Light tackle and fly fisherman of all skill levels can enjoy a relaxing and rewarding smallmouth bass or trout fishing trip in West Virginia.

"Mountain State Anglers Fishing Services offers fishermen the best opportunity to access the superb smallmouth bass fishing in the New River Gorge. Their knowledgeable guides, first rate equipment, and outstanding river skills assure a safe trip and outstanding fishing."

- Jerome B. Robinson
Field & Stream Magazine